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Residential Home
The institution’s primary objective is to provide rehabilitation facilities to  the disabled by means -  the  utilization of their existing capacities  by the combined and coordinate use of medical , social , educational and vocational measures  to gain the optimum level of his/her functional ability than to give personal care and support for them. This effort is to minimize the disability or handicap position and at the same time help the individuals life more meaningful, more productive and getting a worthwhile living.
 In this year 2017, 61 of them are rehabilitating. Out of which, majority of them are physically and neurologically affected. They have loco motor disabilities due to post polio, amputation, congenital deformities- malformation of limbs, cerebral palsy and multiple disabilities.  They have problems in mobility, speech and communication,   visual and learning areas. We also provide them various mobility aids such as wheel chairs, calipers, crutches, prosthesis, walker, sticks and so on. Mercy home chethipuzha is committed towards protecting and ensuring the rights of physically challenged children and disabled persons. Our mission is to ensure opportunity for self management, intellectual, social, emotional, spiritual development of the disabled.
Our aim is to provide equal growth opportunity to the person with disabilities. Thus, they can lead a productive, safe and dignified life. In order to give focus to the disabled inmates, a multi disciplinary team is working here.
Integrated Education to Children
With the objective of ‘’Education for all’’ we promote integrated education to the physically challenged children to get a mingling within the society.  So the disabled adults are getting informal education here itself and the school aged children are given education in the regular schools from 1978 onwards. They are very enthusiastic in their studies as well as in extra- curricular activities conducted in their schools. At present, schooling is provided from first standard to Plus Two level and professional courses in diploma level to the physically affected group. 
Surgical Corrections & Post Operative Therapy
Differently abled children who cannot manage with the therapy alone due to contracture and deformities of their limbs need surgical correction to improve their mobility. The surgery is conducted usually in the near by hospitals where orthopeadic surgeons are available. Pre and post operative exercises are managed in our therapy departments. After the immobilization period of surgery, they are given physiotherapy treatment by physiotherapy experts. Gradually they are provided with various mobility aids- KAFO’s, walkers, crutches to move around. We are extreamly happy to state that, children who crawl on the ground are now able to walk with support of different aids and appliances. Entirely more than two hundred children were benefited through surgery and post operative therapies.
Post operative therapy will be helpful to maximize joint motion and overall strength after surgery.Which also help in speedy recovery. Treatment goals of post operative therapy is minimize the adverse effects of the surgery such as pain and swelling to restore normal movemrnt, flexibility and function.
Therapeutic Facilities 
IMRT Training  Centre:
 As a second phase of Mercy home, we started an extension centre named MRT (Multi Rehabilitation technology) for the development of Infants and children. In MRT, rehabilitation services we offer are:– 
  • Early detection and Intervention of  Developmentally delayed
  • Pre-school management of ASD, Learning Disabled etc.
  • Training of parents to handle such delayed children and parental counseling.
  • Proper positioning to prevent deformity and contracture
  • Short stay home therapy, Community based rehabilitation Sevices
  • Staff Training Courses –DRT (Recognized by the RCI, New Delhi
  1. Physio Therapy
  2. Speech Therapy
  3. Occupational  Therapy
  4. Group Therapy
  5. Exercise Therapy
  6. Vocational  Therapy
  7. Electro  Therapy
Assessment & Guidance
Play Ground and Play Park
We have a well designed play park which includes Swings, Slides, See- saw, Merry go round etc. arranged in this compound at MRT centre- the extention wing of Mercy home. This play park is well designed to stimulate their sensory integration   and thus to encourage their functional development. This park provides ample space for wheel chair mobility and with other mobility aids. So the children can easily accessible to use the play equippments such as see- saw, merry go round etc. arranged in play ground.
Personality Development Classes
We have arranged various personality development classes and talks for the differntly abled to boost their confidence. It also gives guidance to build up an all round strong personality. In Every week inmates are gathered and informative classes are arranged, which named as ‘Sath sangam’. Once in a year seminar is conducted for their total well being and to improve motivation. The classes help the students to understand their personality deviation and thus improve their behavior in dealing with others. During the classes the participants will be able to identify their own strength and weakness, also they learn the methods of how to improve themselves to lead a more fruitful life through theoretical and practical sessions.  Usually we arrange experienced resource persons for such classes and seminars.
Special Education for slow learners
Special education training is provided to students who have disability in learning. To improve their skills like attention, socialisation, creative, communication etc, individual as well as group activities, play sections, indoor and out door games are arranged. Availability of trained staff in various fields, are a blessing of our institution. We also utilize the recreational, treatment and special education facilities at MRT section (extension wing of Mercy home) where well equipped departments and various specialized staff pattern are arranged. We also encourage the children to explore ares of  their own interest.

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    Screening camp at Mar Thoma Rehabilitation centre at Kumily on 29th May 2016.

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