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Mercy Home is a rehabilitation institute for the disabled, started on Aug 4th 1974 by His Beatitude Cardinal Mar Antony Padiyara, the then Archbishop of Changanassery. Various rehabilitation services are carried out here under the supervision of the Sisters of the Destitute (S.D). This place is 3 km  away from Changanasssery town and opposite to St.Thomas Hospital, Chethipuzha.
       The mission of the congregation is to take care of the destitute and down trodden, the poor and the sick-irrespective of caste, creed and culture. Mercy Home is the first rehabilitation institute for the disabled managed by the S.D Sisters. Initially people with all types of disabilities were admitted in the Mercy Home regardless of age and sex. Gradually they were separated according to age group and admission was restricted to moving disabled children and adults. Later from this house boys were separated  to Mercy Home, Kodinattukunnu. Nowadays polio cases are rare and Cerebral Palsy children are more in seeking admission. They need systematic training and assistance as their voluntary movements are tedious and laborious.
A society where differently abled enjoy equal rights opportunities and dignified life
  • To identify the disability as early as possible
  • To minimize the disability and to maximize their functional abilities so as to enable them to manage their daily living skills.
  • To provide the necessary corrective and rehabilitative aid and training facilities.
  • To impart education to the disabled children.
  • To develop their potentialities to the maximum possible
  • To equip them with supportiv measures so as to meet the challenges with courage.
  • To enable them to be self reliant.
Spread knowledge and awareness measures in the society to prevent or to overcome the deformity. The neglected, and the desperate fine happiness, peace and joy in this Mercy Home. Their physical, social, spiritual and psychological needs are taken care of through:
  • Acceptance of their disability
  • Self help Activities
  • Proper Education
  • Improving the talents
  • Pre-vocational assessment
  • Vocational Training
  • Surgery, Physiotherapy
  • Rehabilitation
Significance of the Institution
This institution started in 1974,  those days there were not much facilities for the rehabilitation of the disabled people. They were bounded in the four walls of their house without any outdoor exploration and they were unaware of their rights. Many children and adults were residing in their houses in all parts of Kerala and Tamilnadu in this way. His Beatitude Cardinal Mar Antony Padiyara, the then Archbishop of Changanassery. met many disabled people during his parish visit. So he started this. 
Founder                                 :   His Beatitude Cardinal  Mar Antony Padiyara   the then Archbishop of Changanasserry  
handed over the Mercy home, to the Congregation of “Sisters of the Destitute”.
Superior General :   Sister Savio SD
Mercy home , Initial  members  :    
Sister Superior   :   Sister  Sienna SD
Community members :   Sr. Tersitta, .Sr Lima Rose, Sr Daya, Sr . Mrudula
Staff Pattern
Legal Holder                               :   Provincial Superior, St .Joseph’s Province, Chethipuzha
President  :   Provincial  Councillor of  of  Social Apostolate, St. .Joseph’s Province, Chethipuzha
Vice President  :   Director  - Local Superior 
Secretary   :   G.B appointed person
Treasurer :   General Body appointed person
Other Staff :   Warden,  Special Educator,  Mess manager,  Therapists,  Nurse, Driver,  Helpers,  Cooks
Sit out,  Visitors rooms, Guest room, Office & File room, rooms for Staff , Waiting room, Medical Aid,   Dormitory (3)& its Toiletries,  Dining hall,   Study hall,   Tailoring & Vocational  hall, Library ,Recreation & T.V hall , Sick room, Chapel & Sacristy, Kitchen  & work area,  Staff rooms, Outdoor sheltered  play park,  Mini Bus, Jeep, Cycle
Now we are giving admission to the disabled girls from five years on wards, from economically poor families irrespective of caste and creed. Children  with orthopedically problem and cerebral palsy and other neurological with loco motor problems are given admission. The condition is to manage their self help activities by themselves. At times we admit and train them initially in this. 
Recommendation letter is needed from the responsible person such as Parish Priest, Village Officer, Panchayath President or member or near by convents of the locality etc. to introduce them.
  • We are sending disabled girls for vocational training such as: 
-Book binding
-Cutting and Tailoring
-Crafts works
-Computer Training
-Orthotic Training
-Teachers Training
-Nursery Training
-Home science  etc in specialized relevant centers.
  • We are sending them to the normal schooling for integrated life. So they are well adjusted with the society.

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  • Screening camp

    Screening camp at Mar Thoma Rehabilitation centre at Kumily on 29th May 2016.

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  • former students gathering

    Former students gathering(Karuthal 2k24) on 01 June 2024 & 02 June 2024 at St Thomas  Hospital Auditorium

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