Swapna Augustin

Swapna  admitted in Mercy Home when she was 6 years old. Her native place is at Pothanikkadu. She has no upper limbs, it is a congenital deformity, but she could manage everything, groom herself, feed herself, draw pictures etc with her legs. She can draw wonderfully beautiful pictures with her legs and her pictures have an international market, in connection with  a foundation in Switzerland.

Today's Quote :

"Let us consider and marvel that ever this great and blessed God should be so much concerned, as you have heard He is in all His providences, about such vile, despicable worms as we are! He does not need us, but is perfectly blessed and happy in Himself without us. We can add nothing to Him."

News & Events

  • Screening camp

    Screening camp at Mar Thoma Rehabilitation centre at Kumily on 29th May 2016.

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