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TIMRT - Training Institute of Multi Rehabilitaion Technology is a training centre  Recognised by Rehabilitation  Council of India since 2000.   At present TIMRT is running a course –Diploma in Rehabilitaion Therapy- 2 ½  years..  
Vision: Prevention of Disability
Mission: Early detection & intervention,Parental training & give awareness to the community,Training of Rehabilitation Therapists.
        As a developmental project, TIMRT- Training Institute of Multi Rehabilitation;  is an Extension unit of Mercy Home  Started in the year 1997 to give therapy facilities to the public also. The Extension unit of Mercy home, is started by knowing   the increased  number of CP children  who was brought to this Mercy home for  therapeutic needs, as out patients. Early intervention was started  in the mercy home for two or three children with Developmental Delay , CP & Multiple Disabilities  -daily for  one or two hours.  SoWe conducted a survey in 1997-98 in 7 panchayath and Muncipality of Changanacherry (Madappally Block). We could identify more than 2500 disabled person including infants, children & adults. This insight forced us to start Extension programme. In 1998 we starts the extension centre at Kurisummoodu in a rented building and then it was shifted to our own built-up set up. Gradually the  furnishing and equipment availability was arranged. Now it is a well equipped therapy institute for Mercy Home residents ,as well as outside children and adults . In 2015 Sensory Integration Therapy facilities were arranged with the help of many people. One open sensory park also is available here. We have re organized a orthotic workshop to meet the repairing needs of the rehabilitated boys & girls , as they cannot get repaired the mobility aids. August 2014 0nwards we are functioning the workshop when they are in need of  this service.
Our Objectives:
  • To provide Rehabilitation facilities to the disabled irrespective of caste and creed.
  • To provide education to the disabled children.
  • To identify the disability as early as possible
  • To provide the necessary corrective  rehabilitative training and  aids.
  • To develop the potential skills and abilities to the fullest possible to prepare them to minimize the functional disabilities and maximize their confidence to manage their daily living skills.
  • To provide  supportive measures to the disabled to face their life challenges with  Courage.
  • To enable them to live  on their own.
Our Service programme: 
Children, however challenged they are,  can reach towards attaining their full potential ,  if    given them the right support. Every child with disability has  problems in carrying out his / her    daily living skills, mobility and academic skills.  They can benefit from the services we offer with residential and non- residential (at TIMRT centre) facilities.
  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Therapy 
  • Sensory Integration Therapy
  • Play Therapy
  • Behavioural Therapy, 
  • Counseling
  • Pre School Management of ASD & LD 
  • Aptitude assessment

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