Adv. Joby Mathew

Adv. Joby Mathew was a resident of Mercy Home. His house is situated at Adukkam at Pala. His father died when he was 5 years old. When he was 6 years old he was admitted in this institution. He was a crippled and his two legs are very small and not properly developed. After completing 10th stanandared he left Mecy Home. After completing Pree-degree rejoined L.L.B. Now he is working as an advocate, PRO in Santhigiri College. He is a world Champion of wrestling and is very famous in international level.

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News & Events

  • Screening camp

    Screening camp at Mar Thoma Rehabilitation centre at Kumily on 29th May 2016.

  • test


  • former students gathering

    Former students gathering(Karuthal 2k24) on 01 June 2024 & 02 June 2024 at St Thomas  Hospital Auditorium

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