Adv. Joby Mathew

Adv. Joby Mathew was a resident of Mercy Home. His house is situated at Adukkam at Pala. His father died when he was 5 years old. When he was 6 years old he was admitted in this institution. He was a crippled and his two legs are very small and not properly developed. After completing 10th stanandared he left Mecy Home. After completing Pree-degree rejoined L.L.B. Now he is working as an advocate, PRO in Santhigiri College. He is a world Champion of wrestling and is very famous in international level.

Today's Quote :

"God's mercy is so great that you may sooner drain the sea of its water, or deprive the sun of its light, or make space too narrow, than diminish the great mercy of God."

News & Events

  • Screening camp

    Screening camp at Mar Thoma Rehabilitation centre at Kumily on 29th May 2016.

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